Technical SEO Options

Gain a foothold in Google’s search results and start seeing how your website investment can pay off. As a Metapilot client, you get the advantage of having direct contact me,  Chris, the SEO who is actually working on your project and I will be invested in its success. I can help you understand what changes are being made and why and clarify your expectations.

Maximizer Optimization

Business Websites, Ecommerce, Penalty Issues, Website Redesign Consulting
$ Custom Depending on Website Size, Niche, Target Audience
  • Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Keyword Research For All Product & Landing Pages
  • Content Creation & Revision As Required
  • Backlink Profile Audit & Consultation
  • Historical Ranking & Traffic Analysis
  • Advanced Time Frames For Completion
Full Stack

If your website has run into issues that prevent it from achieving its business objectives or is being re-designed and requires SEO oversight, this package is for you.  You get an in-depth analysis of your site to determine a corrective action or a game plan that will take your site to the next level of search engine traffic, engagement, or conversion.

StreamLiner Optimization

Re-alignment For An Existing Site​
$ 2500 One-Time
  • Up to 20 Landing Pages Optimized
  • 1 HR. Consultation Call
  • Professional Keyword Research
  • Backlink Audit & Consultation
  • Copy Revisions (as necessary)
  • Architecture/Theme/Sitemap Review
  • Keyword Ranking Reports

This is a small biz website optimization bargain. I optimize your homepage and any combination of landing and product pages up to 20 pages or which you already have content.  Fewer pages means  I spend more time and effort in other areas. Content, keywords, & meta data will be analyzed and revised to align with backlink and domain strength.

Optimizations For Emerging Websites & Blogs

Q: How do you know if your website is properly optimized? A: It is meeting your expectations–not your wishes or your dreams, mind you, but your properly set expectations. A good SEO does two things–incorporate changes to your website and set proper expectations for what those changes can achieve. If you have a young website and this hasn’t been your experience, one of these optimizations may be for you.

BaseLiner Optimization

Essentials For A Small/New Website
$ 550 One-Time
  • 3 Pages Optimized
  • Professional Keyword Research
  • Copy Revisions (as necessary)
  • Architecture/Theme/Sitemap Review
  • Keyword Ranking Reports
Kick start

Get it right the first time. The BaseLiner is a three page, bare-bones optimization establishing your site on the right path and letting you take if from there.  For the beginning marketer, getting the basic components right can be the hardest part of the whole optimization process. Now you can have an experienced SEO take care of these for you.

Blogalizer Optimization

Blog Assessment, Optimization & Strategy​
$ 1350 One-TIme
  • Optimize Homepage & 3 Recent Posts
  • Content Analysis
  • Google Analytics Review
  • 3-Month Content Calendar
  • Keyword Ranking Reports
  • Architecture/Theme/Sitemap Review
  • Backlink Audit
Your Blog

Tired of writing blog posts that never seem to help you get more traffic or win new business? The Blogalizer zeros in  on  how the  resources you spend on your blog  can deliver more value, more  traffic, and more conversions to your website and your brand  via organic search . Three months of custom blog post topics get you re-started in the right direction.