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SEO Traction - Invest in it

Technical SEO

Gain a foothold in Google’s search results and start seeing how your website investment can pay off. As a Metapilot client, you get the advantage of having direct contact me,  Chris, the SEO who is actually working on your project and I will be invested in its success. I can help you understand what changes are being made and why and clarify your expectations.

A Fully Custom SEO Solution

Tell me what your website goals are and I'll develop a plan for it to meet them

Be it penalty, sudden ranking change, website redesign support, or an SEO overhaul, you’ll get a reliable, knowledgeable SEO practitioner with 15 years of experience solving visibility problems and increasing search engine traffic.

In SEO, the solution is often the easy part–it’s figuring out what is causing the problem that incurs the heavy lifting. Sometimes, it’s fundamentally a matter of expectation, but typically a site has real technical issues that need to be resolved. Those technical issues require a deep  dive into your analytics, coding, structured data, and architecture and you need a problem solver who’s been around the block more than a few times who can dispatch those tasks in short-order.

I’m looking forward to tackling your problem and moving you and your company past it to higher rankings and more traffic.

I find keyword research an adventure into language, audience and intent and that’s what you  should expect from your SEO.  Each service, each product is a world of its own in terms of how and why people search for it and how Google determines a web page should be an appropriate resource for your target keyword.  It takes a lover of words to put in the hours of keyword research your project might take and let me tell you, I’m your guy.

Depending on your goals and the current state of your website, I may recommend that your content be revised or supplemented. While I’ll usually take care of minor revisions myself, for larger  scale content creation I bring in the experts. If you’re like many companies and your “writers” wear many hats around the office and can’t fit more on their plates, I’ll bring in a professional writer in your field to take up the slack. And if it’s graphics, infographics images or video, I have my contacts for those professionals, as well.

The difference between optimizing existing pages and new pages is the existing pages already have numbers to work off of.  Triangulating a page of content with its traffic and the keywords that bring the traffic gives a very clear idea of the page strength, domain strength, competitor strength and keyword difficulty–and that’s some serious info.

The assimilation and  digestion of this data on a page-level and domain-level is second nature to me and just part of the value you get when bring me on as your SEO.  As part of your deliverables, you’ll 

A steep decline in search engine traffic can indicate a penalty, a change to your web design or programming, or a change in Google’s algorithm. I’m on the ball when it  comes to  which is which and always available for a quick question via @metapilot or email.

My clients get in-depth research and practical resolutions if they’ve transgressed Google’s guidelines on link building, content, 

Coordinating social media posts with your site’s content and blog posts compounds their effectiveness. Your social media and web content can cast wider, overlapping nets making your marketing spend go further and be more effective.

Depending on your business’ current stage of social media usage, the Customizer optimization can incorporate a wide range of social media strategies, from beginning setup to crafting and scheduling posts for you. 

Content that triangulates your business goals, your audience, and Google’s algorithms is not just a keywords and copy writing type of affair. Yet so much content on the web leaves out one or two of those three important ingredients and their websites, engagement, and search engine rankings suffer because of it.

I’m happy to develop a content curation strategy that will set your site stand apart from that crowd. With your Customizer optimization, you’ll get a thoroughly thought out cohesive plan for your next 3, 6, or 12 months of of blog posts that includes topics, titles, keywords, lists of suggested vocabulary to include and meta tags. 

SEO is about measurable results and measurable results are about documenting the initial state of your site and then showing you the progress over the course of the project as a result of the implemented optimization.

In addition to the deliverables that contain the research, creative, analysis, and documentation, you will get monthly keyword ranking reports and weekly Google analytics reports emailed to you over the course of your project so you can observe project progress and value.


Structured data makes it easier for Google to understand details the products and services included on your website and to better format them in its search results by way of rich snippets, knowledge graphs, breadcrumbs and carousels, for example. 

But don’t worry, if you’re unfamiliar with vocabulary, syntax, or microformats. As part of your Customizer optimization, I can work with on exporting your product documentation and formatting it into a proper schema to give you the jump on competitors who haven’t yet implemented it.

Most sites have a few shady links tucked away somewhere in their link profile. It’s not a big deal. The key is to understand what backlinks and linking practices actually are adversely impacting your site, will hurt your site in the future, and to know what you can do now to make your link building more effective.

Your site’s authority is largely about backlinks. With the Customer’s link audit, I’ll interpret your entire link profile and give you recommendations on which to disavow, as well as where and how to get better, safer, and stronger backlinks. 

(Re)Align Your Blog

Professional analysis & a deliverable full of action items you can implement right away.

The Blogalizer calibrates your blog’s reason d’etre with  Google’s algorithmic understanding of its content, purpose & audience. Designed to provide the highest impact for the lowest price, expect a quick boost to your traffic and long term benefits of uniquely conceived content topics that Google and your audience will react to.

For a new and/or small blog, 4 well optimized pages or posts can have immediate and long term impact on your traffic and conversions. It’s more than enough to get you going in the right direction while keeping your costs down to a bare minimum.   (Yes, you can arrange to get more pages optimized.)

Your site’s overall Expertise, Authority and Trust  emanate from your homepage and posts’ ability to generate engagement and backlinks. My analysis of your content will provide insight on your posts’ abilities and contributions to the important algorithmic factor called E-A-T.

I’ll also address duplicate content  issues, keyword cannibalization and landing page performance that you can address that will turn the potential of other pages on your site into actual additional search traffic.

See what an algorithmic specialist would create blog posts about if they were at the helm directing your site toward your specific business goals. No doubt, it would be very different than your own ideas! 

We’re not talking about your standard-fare listicles that minimize the intelligence of your target audience. Blogalizer clients get six unique blog, video, & social media topics, complete with meta tags, summary and keywords. Your topics will provide substance for specific stages of their sales funnel and “rankability” & authority for their pages and domain. (Yes, you can upgrade to extend your content calendar to 6 or 12 months.)

Many WordPress themes say they’re optimized but actually lead you or your designer astray when implementing their features. In addition, your chosen topic/product categories may not be ideal and can make your internal linking and silo-ing ineffective.

My clients receive concise recommendations regarding modifications to their architectural that could benefit crawling, indexation, 

Backlinks  should be in the forefront of your thinking with every post you create. They are your blog’s currency with its online friends, neighbors, partners, and business associates. Google  weighs them HEAVILY when determining how to rank your content. 

But, there are good backlinks and bad ones and understanding the difference can be  one of the more difficult things for bloggers to  wrap their heads around. My backlink audit will zero in on what’s going right and where changes are necessary with your existing links and your future link building. 

If it weren’t for those darn competitors, web marketing would be a breeze and you’d always rank #1 in Google…am I right? But competitors are a fact of life and by understanding what they’re doing and how Google’s algorithm treats their blogs, you can learn a huge amount about what you should do and what you should avoid as you plot the best course for your business. 

Your project includes my due-diligence in understanding the sites that are preventing your  site from attaining traffic expectations. A solid competitive analysis is a precursor to all the other components of your project. Your site and its business objectives are rudderless without it. 

Essential SEO

A manual 3-page optimization for small budgets, but value-wise, this package is huge.

The BaseLiner is a one-month project that will  establish your site on the right keyword path for its strength, audience and market. I’ll work with you to understand where you want from your site and then  kick start it in the right direction.

The whole “keyword” thing is not an easy concept for many new marketers to wrap their heads around. Even for the pros, it takes working with many, many different websites over a lengthy period of time to refine keyword research techniques. Taking advantage of my experience will save you and your online business time and money. I’ll do the research for you quickly and I’ll properly integrate the research results right into your optimization plan. 


As awkward as they may seem, your meta tags are extremely important to Google and how they’re worded makes an enormous difference in how Google understands and ranks pages on your site.

Trial and error is one way to get them right. A faster, more practical and more effective way is to have me, an experienced practitioner do them for  you. If you choose the BaseLiner optimization, you’ll have meta data for your homepage and two other pages written for you by a  professional handed to you ready to be pasted right into your page. It couldn’t be easier.

I will take a snapshot of your Google analytics and your keyword rankings at the commencement of your project so that you will have those handy to measure future success against.