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Custom SEO & Content Strategy

As the “go-to SEO guy” called on by dozens of web design & marketing firms to help their clients get more organic search traffic, I know what SEO is about. It’s about consistent, verifiable results. It’s about crafting an advantage for your website over your competitors in the organic search results.  And…it’s about customer service and accountability.

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Be confident that your website that will perform better in search. Get more value out of your blog and increase the synergies between website, blog and social media. Increase engagement with the audience that’s searching for your product. Make your search marketing budget go further.

I provide the kind of SEO your website needs–today.

15 Years Of Helping Clients Get More Google Traffic

My experience executing successful organic search marketing projects for clients spans almost 20 years. As an expert in the field, I understand your business requirements and your budget constraints. Contact me to develop the most cost-effective approach to reaching your search traffic goals.

Meet your SEO, Chris Menke