Content Strategy

Harmonize Content, Search Marketing & Audience Needs

If you want to reach a bigger audience through the organic search results, you’re going to have to take into account that search engines set the rules when it comes to the particulars of your website’s content. The good thing is that they tell you what those rules are and they provide guidelines on how to follow them. Success in the search results means using copy that hits home with your clientele while staying within those guidelines–and doing those things better than your competitors.

It takes a wordsmith, a problem-solver, a marketer, and a programmer all rolled into one to develop a content A-game for your site. That’s not a skill set many small businesses have just hanging around the back office, so many come to believe it’s impossible to compete with others at the top of the search results.The truth is, when you have the right person doing the job for you, it is more than possible to substantially increase your website’s visibility in organic search results.

If your in-house resources don’t permit the time or energy to execute a strategic content campaign, Metapilot can implement it for you. Implementation can be on a one-time, monthly, or quarterly basis. Each cycle, Metapilot implements an additional phase of your strategy and creates a cohesive package of authoritative content in the form of blog posts, off-site articles, press releases, and/or videos, and performs the outreach that encourages social sharing and builds brand awareness and traffic for your website.

  • Content Strategy Audit
    A complete content strategy audit, including stakeholder interviews, development of one or more buyer personas, an evaluation of your existing content, an audience needs analysis, development of an editorial calendar, and documentation of the social influencers most likely having an impact on your target audience.
  • Social Networking Setup
    The real value of your social media accounts lies well beyond their use as just a broadcast medium. Using them as a means to network, build relationships, and promote engagement with your website content is where their true value lies. As part of your content strategy, I research the social networks most pertinent to your niche and complete the set up your profiles there so that they’re ready for your outreach campaign.
  • Strategy Implementation
    I set the wheels of your content strategy in motion by working with specialized content producers to create the content detailed in your editorial calendar and integrate with your in-house resources at pre-defined intervals.
  • Creation of Buyer Personas
    Development of target audience composite identities including the tone and voice to use for communicating to that audience.
  • Audit Existing Content
    Analysis of what’s working with your content, what’s not, where the gaps are that are preventing your site/content from reaching its potential, and what needs to be done to fill them.
  • Adience needs analysis
    Document topical information that your buyers find useful as they reach their buying decisions.
  • Editorial calendar
    Creation of a custom list of blog post title/topics, article topics, press release ideas, and video ideas all crafted to address specific business objectives and promote sharing with and between your social audience.
  • Lists of social media influencers
    Creation of a list of the most influential social profiles in your niche on twitter, facebook, and Google+ so that you can optimize your networking efforts.
  • Actionable Recommendations
    Develop a list of additional actions you can take to make your new content work harder at building your brand and your web traffic.