Custom SEO Strategies & Implementation

Solving your search engine visibility problem requires knowledge and experience. There is not a one size fits all solution, no magic wand to wave, and no free tool to be counted on to get your company website to where you want it to be.  You need someone who’s been around the block a few times, someone who’s already seen it all and fixed (almost) all of it. You need someone who can jump in, figure out the problem and work with you to implement the custom solution.

Understand and implement changes to your website that will help it perform better in search. Get more value out of your blogs and increase the impact your social media has on your search results. Increase engagement with the audience that’s searching for your product. Make your search marketing budget go further. It’s the kind of SEO your company needs–today.


Thorough site audits & implementation to ensure your website resonates with the search engines

Steer clear of penalties and implement search engine best practices that keep your architecture, link profiles, semantics from standing in the way of your site’s indexation and rankings.

Website architecture
Internal & external linking
Keywords usage & research
Local search
Link building strategies


Strategic publishing plans for content that resonates with Google and with your audience

Align your pitch with customer needs and search engine algorithms.  A custom content strategy designed around your unique business objectives, budget, and market is what will get you there.

Content inventory and audits
Audience research
Editorial calendars
Article and blog writing
Explainer videos & script writing

15 Years Of Helping Clients Get More Google Traffic


 My experience in executing successful organic search marketing projects for clients spans almost 20 years. As an expert in the field, I understand your business requirements and your budget constraints. Call me to develop the most cost-effective approach to reaching your search traffic goals.


  • I specialize in being up to date with the strategies, tactics, and best practices that company websites must employ in order to earn organic search engine traffic.
  • I’ve worked with dozens of agencies on hundreds of projects and I’m particularly strong at developing strategies that achieve expectations and which fit within specific budgets.
  • I have expert-level knowledge of the technical skills, software tools, and analytics clients want and need.
  • I recognize that SEO is typically just one of the many marketing projects my clients have on the fire and that synergies and coordination with those other projects are key to success.

Metapilot is Chris Menke and he has the knowledge you value.