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Technical SEO

Eliminate Design & Development Barriers to Better Visibility

Real SEO is about creatively applying search engine best practices to the unique brand message you want your website to present.

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The depth of knowledge and experience Metapilot brings to your organic visibility project is in a different league than that which you may have experienced in the past. As a long-standing, Expert-ranked member of the Moz community, Metapilot discusses, evaluates, and answers questions on content and the technical aspects of SEO with other search marketers and website owners from around the world on an almost daily basis. As a Metapilot customer, you get the advantage of having a thoroughly vetted, fully up-to-date SEO practitioner helping you achieve your web marketing objectives.

You want avoid any technical or architectural issues that may prevent the content on your website from being accessed by search engines or that may limit your exposure in the search results. You need an SEO who knows how to track down difficult problems and knows how to work with your team to execute a solution. As the seo responsible for the success of a couple of hundred client websites since 2005, I know what to look for and can resolve your visibility issues quickly and efficiently.

Here's how Metapilot will help you:


Consulting & Strategizing

For every business plan, there is a different strategy for building organic search engine visibility. Understanding your business objectives and mapping them to an SEO strategy that meets your budget, goals and time frame for ROI is integral to our service. Metapilot can work on a project- or hourly basis to develop your strategic search engine optimization plan.


On-Page Optimization

Keyword research, architectural assessments, semantic relevance, figuring out penalties--its all in a day's work here. Chris works with webmasters and website owners in forums, directly, and on the phone on a daily basis and can implement an action plan tailored to your company's needs.


Back Links Evaluation

The authority that your site gains from back links, citations, and mentions is critical to its organic rankings and visibility. Yet, as many, many thousands of website owners can attest to, hiring the wrong people to do the job can result in short-term, long-term, and even permanent penalties. Metapilot can give you the straight skinny on you link profile, what works, what doesn't, and what to stay away from.


Analytics & Reporting

Weekly reports keep you informed on the progress your site is making in terms of search engine traffic and the keyword rankings your site is being optimized.