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About Metapilot

In 1996, I started working with an internet service provider in Chicago that designed websites and provided connectivity to corporate clients. Many of those first clients didn’t know what email or a domain name was. I explained to them how these technologies worked, sold them their first web projects, crafted their wire frames for use by our designers, determined their internet bandwidth requirements, and provided technical phone support when they needed it. One had to be a Jack of all trades at that time. I was always much more technical than the average salesperson and more “salesy” than the average geek.

When Google came onto the scene a few years later, it turned out that my unique background in technology and sales/marketing matched perfectly with what clients needed to help make their websites more easily found in search engines. Marketing technology was my niche and tailoring websites to stand out in the artificial intelligence Google employed became my specific area of expertise.

Since 2005, when I launched my boutique agency in Miami Beach, I’ve helped hundreds of clients get millions of more visitors to their websites with my unique mix of content strategies and technical SEO. As Google changes, my background works even more to my client’s advantage. There will always be a technical component to Google’s algorithm, as well as a marketing component, and being steeped in the fundamentals of both gives my clients a leg up on their competitors.