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Search Engine Optimization

The Science Of It...

Audits, Consulting, On-page, Penalties, Back Links, Analytics, Experience

As a searcher/consumer, you expect a search result to give you the answer you need within the first few clicks. As a marketer/business, you really need your website to be one of the first ones the searcher finds and clicks on. Meanwhile, the search engine's primary care is that the websites it places at the top of the search results are those that will most likely answer the searcher's question. Drawing from 10 years of experience and a unique digital perspective, Metapilot reconciles these three perspectives to achieve websites that give an audience what it's looking for, that rank highly, and that achieve specific business objectives.

The Art Of It...

Editorial Calendars, Keyword Research, Content, Implementation, Social

Metapilot weaves together the common threads between your brand, your product, your business objective, and your audience in ways that make them stand out on Google. With a holistic view of your budget, time frame, target audience, and online competition, Metapilot determines an optimum scope for your organic search marketing efforts that includes and combines technical fixes and semantic choices, conceptual directions and content calendars unique to your business.

Metapilot is the SEO your company needs--today.