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Your target audience uses Google to try to tune in to your product or service…

10 years of hands-on search engine optimization and consulting experience gives Metapilot a perspective few other SEOs you might talk to will have. We sculpt your web marketing into a tool that blends and balances what your customers are looking for with what Google needs to rank your website highly.

…Metapilot dials-in your organic search marketing to match their frequency.



The Science Of It…Chris Menke - The main SEO guy @ Metapilot

Audits, On-page, Penalties, Back Links, Analytics, Knowledge

  • As a searcher/consumer, you expect a search result to give you the answer you need within the first few clicks.
  • As a marketer/business person, you really need your website to be one of the first ones the searcher finds and clicks on.
  • As a  search engine  the primary concern is ensuring that websites at the top of the results are the ones most likely answer the searcher’s question.

The Art Of It…

Editorial Calendars, Keyword Research, Content, Social Media, Experience

Metapilot weaves together the common threads between your brand, your product, your business objective, and your audience in ways that make them stand out on Google. With a holistic view of your budget, time frame, target audience, and online competition, Metapilot determines an optimum scope for your organic search marketing efforts that includes and combines technical fixes and semantic choices, conceptual directions and content calendars unique to your business.

And The Business Of It…

Consulting, Strategizing, Measuring, Reporting, Results

Just as a championship season, an Olympic gold medal, or a successful business requires a strategy, an investment, and a will to succeed, so too does a profitable website. Organic search marketing holds great potential for increasing sales but it takes a vision and follow through. From a consulting standpoint, Metapilot can identify your website’s strengths and weaknesses as Google sees them and save you time and money by determining exactly what’s needed to achieve success.

Metapilot is the SEO your company needs–today.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO Implementation - Taking care of it all for you

Everything you need, including audit, implementation, content, measurement & reporting

You need the right person to mount a search engine optimization campaign that brings search engine visitors to your site in desired quantities. Have me run the show or integrate smoothly with your team of marketing professionals to put together all the pieces of successful search engine optimization project.

SEO Consulting - Helping you do it yourself

Actionable recommendations in a matter of minutes that pays for itself many times over

An hour or two of one-on-one consulting can save you days, or even, weeks of your own trial and error. Getting more completed in less time with better results and less frustration saves more than just financial resources, it saves on stress and mental overhead.

Rankings & Penalties Troubleshooting - Figuring out what's wrong

Identify & fix post re-design problems, penalties and/or traffic volume changes

Siht happens, as they say. A webmaster accidentally uploads incorrect changes, Google updates its algorithm, your website re-design had undesired consequences, past questionable tactics catch up to you... It's a long list of things that can cause a site's traffic to change or stop. Call me to find the problem & fix it fast.