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Technical SEO  •  Content Strategy  •  Consulting

You have a website that is not reaching its traffic or sales goals. You want to do more but you’re just not sure where to take it.

What you really need now is a smart “word guy”. You need someone who has engaged in SEO and Google’s ranking algorithms for nearly 15 years. You need someone who’s perspective moves easily between the marketer’s, the consumer’s, and the search engine’s. You want someone with a competitive drive and the competence to outdo the “other guys.” And, of course, you need someone who’s reliable and who follows through.

It’s time to turn your website into a place where your audience, your marketing efforts, and the search engines meet and share with each other. It’s time to turn to METAPILOT.

Your Technical SEO

Eliminate technical barriers to your search engine visibility

Implement SEO best practices that help your website rank higher in search engines and bring in more traffic, steer clear of penalties, and help you achieve your online business objectives.

  • Architecture & Internal Linking
  • Keywords Usage & Research
  • Local Search
  • Linking Strategies

Your Website Content

Meet marketing, consumer & search engine demands for content

Get content that supports a focused digital strategy, is crafted around target keyphrases and is optimized to rank. Relevant, engaging content doesn't have to cost a fortune but it does have to be well thought out and implemented.

  • Article and blog writing
  • Explainer videos & script writing
  • Content inventory and audit
  • Content Strategies