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Bringing 10+ years of agency SEO experience to your website, content marketing, social media and public relations campaigns

Three quick points to keep in mind:

1) The combined impact of content, web programing and social signals on search engine visibility is Metapilot's core strength.
2) More content and more social media can be good for traffic but if executed incorrectly, they will be less effective.
3) Although many claim to do SEO, relatively few are really good at it or understand it well. Metapilot is one of those few. Welcome.


The Art & Science of Search Engine Optimization

10 Years of helping Miami area agencies with the SEO component of their clients' web marketing


Have me turn that ever-deepening "pile" of unfocused content and outdated SEO tactics into an integrated content strategy and SEO campaign. I make your website and content more valuable while making your marketing budget go further. You will increase engagement with the audience that's searching for your product and you'll leverage that engagement to earn greater authority and visibility in Google search. It's the kind of SEO your company needs--today.

  • I specialize in being up to date with the strategies, tactics and best practices that company websites must employ in order to earn organic search engine traffic.
  • I've worked with dozens of agencies on hundreds of projects and I'm particularly strong at developing strategies that achieve expectations and which fit within specific budgets.
  • I have expert-level knowledge of the technical skills, software tools, and analytics clients want and need.
  • I recognize that SEO is typically just one of the many marketing irons clients have on the fire and that synergies and coordination with those other project facets is key to success.

Metapilot is Chris Menke and I have the SEO knowledge you value.