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Search Engine Optimization

With a unique combination of technical SEO and content creation experience, Metapilot brings you and your audience together in ways that make your website more visible in search results . My approach helps your company increase engagement with the audience that's searching for your product and leverages that engagement to earn your site greater authority and visibility in organic search. It's the kind of SEO your company needs--today.

Higher search results are going to content with more engagment signals.

The philosophy of Google has been moving away from keywords; from strings towards things"
Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s Web Spam Team, May 2013

Why is Google moving away from keywords? Because not only does it now have a powerful alternative, but by doing so, it provides better search results. Jettisoning the legacy of keywords and key phrases as strong ranking factors frees the top of the search results for pages that are relevant to a search query by virtue of the social activity that takes place around them. It turns out that, just like in the real world, what's being said about a particular piece of content and who's saying it is a powerful indicator of its importance, relevance and authority. With the help Google+ and other social sites, Google's moving full steam towards factoring social profile activity and sentiment around content into its search results

Engagement takes content, it takes an audience, and it takes a reason and a mechanism to share. Those are your quests if your business objectives include increasing visitor traffic from search engines.